Welcome to Gray AI.

We are a seasoned team of machine learning and pattern recognition specialists, dedicated to providing customized solutions that address your unique business needs. Our expert team offers the personal touch that larger organizations can’t, ensuring you receive a service tailored to your specific requirements.


We are trailblazers in Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, and Predictive Analytics. With cutting-edge technology, our team of experts provides tailored solutions that empower businesses to unlock the potential of their data.

At Gray AI we’re not just data-driven, we’re driven by the desire to revolutionize the way you approach complex challenges. We help you see patterns, gain insights, and make decisions that drive real results.


Data Center Predictive Analytics (DCPA)
Transform your datacenter management with DCPA, our advanced Machine Learning solution. With capabilities to predict potential rack-level failures and detect anomalies, DCPA keeps you ahead of issues, minimizes downtime, and boosts efficiency. Move from reactive to proactive management and protect your critical infrastructure smartly with DCPA.

AI Writers Guild
AI Writers Guild brings you the power to distinguish between human and AI-generated text in this era of advanced artificial intelligence. Our tool uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to verify text authenticity, ensuring integrity in education, authenticity in publishing, and validity in legal and recruitment processes. With AI Writers Guild, safeguard human originality and creativity in a world progressively influenced by artificial intelligence.


At Gray AI, our seasoned team is our greatest asset. We combine years of experience in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition with a passion for personalized customer service. This enables us to provide you with advanced, customized solutions that larger companies can’t match.

We pride ourselves on the robust security measures we integrate into our services, ensuring the utmost protection of your sensitive data.

But the benefits don’t stop at exceptional service and security. Our tailored solutions don’t just meet your needs, they anticipate them, driving efficiency and cost savings across your organization.

Engage with Gray AI and let us guide your data-driven journey. As you explore the world of actionable insights and powerful analytics, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with outstanding professional expertise and dedicated customer support. Together, we can redefine the future of your business.



Brien spent 25 years in high-tech (Microsoft, Intel, NetApp) and, after receiving his certifications in artificial intelligence from MIT, worked to develop predictive analytics in a hyperscale environment for four years. After experiencing the lack of organized data to make decisions as Director of New Product Introduction and Manufacturing Quality, Brien was driven to provide a better way for employees to make informed decisions faster.

Brien is currently leveraging his passion and first-hand enterprise-level knowledge to bring meaningful AI solutions to small and midsize businesses that will optimize the customer experience and reduce costs. He firmly believes AI needs to complement humans and not replace them, and the best area for this is in gathering, analyzing, and presenting vast amounts of data so a single, human-made decision can occur.